Demolition Dance

Why You Should Invest

Why are we confident DEMOLITION DANCE will be a success? Because we know exactly who we're marketing our film to. We developed it with a broad audience appeal in mind, targeting segments from 16 to 64 who like action, adventure and comedy. And we believe by combining the ever popular story elements of “Crashing Cars” and “Buddy Adventures” with an LGBTQ hero, our audience base is potentially huge! What this means is simple: we have a lot of people who would be interested in PAYING to see our film.



Social Media Marketing & Casting

Who do we cast in the lead roles? How about we look at actors who are already on popular TV shows? Shows like SONS OF ANARCHY or THE WALKING DEAD.  Shows with lots of characters who might not be household names but have huge followings on social media. Then we have fans who our distribution company can easily market to. Don't believe me? If you're on Facebook or Twitter, check your own profile. When it asked you what TV shows do you watch, did you tell them any?  If so, you can easily be marketed to.  And fans of these shows love to tell the world that they're fans, so they can meet other fans and discuss even more why they love the show and compare notes.

For our lead character David, we will also be looking for an actor who has been in films that have shown strong foreign market sales in the past and is now ready to carry a film themselves. This will help us with foreign distribution which is essential in our success.

As for demographics we can market to, here's some examples on social media:

  • Fans of Movies (Over 10 Million on Facebook)
  • LGTBQ Community (Over 6 Million on Facebook)
  • NASCAR Fans (Over 3 Million on Facebook)

That's 19 Million on Facebook alone! And that's not even counting the fans of any TV show the actors are working on. Add Twitter and Instagram and other social media platforms and our marketing opportunities are endless!

Cars! Cars! Cars!

Sequence 01.00_05_51_08.Still011.jpg

Remember when you were a kid and you went to the drive-in movie? You sat in your parents' car and most of the movies you watched somehow revolved!  Think about almost every Burt Reynolds film in the 1970s-early 80s.  Can you honestly say GREASE wasn't a “car movie”?  And once again, car movie's are big in Hollywood again:  the FAST AND FURIOUS franchise, THE TRANSPORTER franchise, BABY DRIVER and MAD MAX: FURY ROAD.

DEMOLITION DANCE pays homage to every great movie you remember growing up that destroyed a lot of cars. Whether it was BLUES BROTHERS,  CANNONBALL RUN, or the original GONE IN 60 SECONDS (which was written, directed by and stared Dunkirk, NY native, Toby “HB” Halicki), people love seeing cars being destroyed!

Making a movie about the Demolition Derby means we can spread our budget and make a movie that looks like it was shot for millions even though we're only spending a fraction of that.  By using a demolition derby as a back drop, DEMOLITION DANCE will be able to destroy a lot of cars cheaply by shooting real derbies along with choreographed stunts using authentic derby cars with a usual cost of  under a thousand dollars each. That's a lot of bang for a cheap buck!



Independent films have long been telling stories centered around LGBTQ characters and issues, often to great critical acclaim and sometimes even earning a significant profit. Recently, there's been  a steady stream of quality LGBTQ films in the awards conversation, such as CAROL, MOONLIGHT and CALL ME BY YOUR NAME. A trend is happening and audiences are embracing films with a gay lead front and center.

DEMOLITION DANCE is riding on that wave and will delight audiences by combining all the aspects of classic car movies...but with a modern day “fish out of water” hero who will appeal to audiences of all genders and every spectrum of the rainbow!  Who doesn't love an underdog?

Low-Budget Films

How many times have you said to someone: 

“I saw a really great film the other day...never heard of it before but it was on TV and I started watching it and I really enjoyed it....”

Happens all the time!  And many of those films were made on a very low budget. And you saw it because someone decided it was marketable and decided to distribute it.  And after it sold on DVD and pay-per-view, it was then sold to cable channels and that's where you found it.  And if the film made it that far, the people who made it probably turned in a nice profit.


On Location, Dunkirk, NY

DEMOLITION DANCE is set in Dunkirk, NY and will be shot in Dunkirk and it's surrounding areas. The Buffalo-Niagara Film Commission does not charge filmmakers permit fees, and New York State offers a 30% film production tax incentive on below line costs and an additional 10% tax rebate on films which shoot in Western New York.

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If you are interested in investing in DEMOLITION DANCE and would like to talk with our finance team to learn more about the opportunities of being a vetted investor, please contact producer Bob Rusch.