Demolition Dance
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A once famous dance choreographer

from New York City returns to his small, blue-collar hometown where he must compete in a demolition derby to save his family's business...and quite possibly resurrect his career

In New York City, dance choreographer David Glow (short for Glowinski) has seen better times. For the last decade, this once famous, revolutionary star in the dance world has seen his career slip away and is desperate to get it back on track. Upon receiving a phone call from his cousin Dan asking for help to save their family garage which is about to be lost to the IRS due to Dan's bad business management, David decides to go home to offer help. It's the the first time in twenty five years that David's been back to blue collar Dunkirk, NY.  The last time he was home, his father disowned him after he “came out” as gay to his family.

Once returned, David, who's appearance and demeanor makes him stick out like a sore thumb in this blue collar paradise, confesses to Dan that he can offer no financial help due to his faltering career. Dan quickly finds another way out, as he goads a local competitor, the current five-time defending State Demolition Champion, Bill Marrone, and his huge ego into a “garage-versus-garage” bet at the upcoming State Demolition Derby Championship. The bet is made but quickly turns south for David and Dan as they find out Dan is still banned from competing due to his past physical altercations at the track. But, in Dunkirk NY, a bet's a bet and Bill Marrone wants blood, or in this case, a car to defeat and a garage to take. In the heat of the moment, Dan declares his cousin David will compete in his place.

With just three weeks to prepare, Dan and David begin the mad quest to not only teach David how to drive, but also search for the perfect car, a prototype they learn about that is nearly indestructible. Not to mention David dealing with his loving but tough Polish mother, who's trying to mend the family back together, and helping his thick headed cousin's love life, all while trying to resurrect his career once a video of the bet goes viral.  No pressure!

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Demolition Dance

is a laugh out loud comedy that will also tug on your heartstrings and have you rooting for our hero. The story really delivers by mixing diverse yet relatable and familiar characters in a high stakes/against all odds story line.  This makes way for highly comical and sometimes heartbreaking situations that break down barriers and teach us all a thing or two about love and tolerance.

Think ROCKY (if Rocky himself was a gay dance choreographer) meets the BLUES BROTHERS!